BusybodySG Visits The Cat Cafe

0113_TheCatCafe-01Cat cafes are all the rage these days, aren't they? The very first cat cafe opened in Taiwan in 1998. Since then, cat cafes have slowly been growing in popularity, extending its reach across Asia. In June 2014, it finally hit Singapore's shores. Today, there are 4 cat cafes operating in Singapore (at time of posting). Located along Victoria Street, The Cat Cafe is right in the heart of Bugis, albeit tucked away at a nondescript corner. 0113_TheCatCafe-02Prior to visiting The Cat Cafe, I made a call, intending to make a reservation. The Cat Cafe does not take reservations, but you may call them an hour ahead of your visit to be put on their waiting list. We visited the cafe at around 4:30pm on a weekday when there were not many other patrons around. A courteous cafe staff briefed us on how to handle the cats - and to refrain from disturbing the napping cats. We chose our poison and proceeded to make payment. There was also a small selection of cakes and pasta available, which we regrettably had no space in our stomachs for. We changed our footwear to their provided slip-ons and applied a generous amount of hand sanitizer before we were allowed into the premises. 0113_TheCatCafe-03 Having visited several cat cafes in Taiwan, a notable difference that I noticed is the entry fee. There is no entrance fee for most cat cafes in Taiwan - instead they have in place a minimum spending amount which is usually around 300TWD (S$12.50). The Cat Cafe charges a flat fee of S$15 (inclusive of a can of soft drink). I opted to 'upgrade' my drink to a vanilla latte, which cost an additional S$3.50. I am no coffee connoisseur, but I found the vanilla latte to be surprisingly good and on par with Starbucks' - sans the latte art. 0113_TheCatCafe-04 The Cat Cafe can accommodate up to 35 visitors and is furnished with 6 small dining tables and 7 coffee tables (pardon me for not having a photograph of the cafe itself as I had devoted my time to the adorable cats and in my absent mindedness forgot about it!). During our visit, the cafe was quiet and extremely conducive for book-reading. The cat population is mainly made up of strays, and are periodically available for adoption. During our visit, we counted 14 cats, many of which were enjoying their afternoon nap. 0113_TheCatCafe-05 The staff of The Cat Cafe were approachable and seemed genuinely concerned with the cats' well-being. During my photo-taking, I absent-mindedly stepped into a restricted area and was politely reminded by the staff that it was a cats-only area. The care-takers certainly seem to love their jobs and providing care for the cats. It's certainly heartening to know that the cats at The Cat Cafe are being well-taken care of. In addition, there are also quite a number of cat toys that guests may use to play with the cats! At 6pm, all the cats suddenly sprung to life and started congregating at the playpen. I was initially puzzled, but then it all made sense - it was feeding time! The moment the staff emerged from the kitchen carrying the food bowls, the cats started their symphony of meows. It was hilarious watching Tommy, the thug cat attempting to steal other cats' food bowl. His efforts were quickly hampered by the staff, but boy was he persistent! It was certainly a enjoyable visit, and we now know where to head to if we have spare time to burn! - Busybody R 0114_TheCatCafe The Cat Cafe is located at 241 Victoria Street and operates from 10am-10pm (3pm-10pm on Mondays). Children under 12 must be accompanied by adults. Check out the other photos taken during our visit here:
0113_TheCatCafe-06 0113_TheCatCafe-07 0113_TheCatCafe-08 0113_TheCatCafe-09
0113_TheCatCafe-11 0113_TheCatCafe-10 0113_TheCatCafe-12 0113_TheCatCafe-13

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