BusybodySG Visits The Poodle Cafe

0127_PoodleCafe-01 Among the newest addition to Singapore's list of pet cafes, The Poodle Cafe is located along Yio Chu Kang Road, which is a five minutes drive away from Chomp Chomp. Besides serving human food, The Poodle Cafe has a 'Furkids' menu dedicated to your furry friends! Opened in November 2014, The Poodle Cafe also runs a day care service for dog owners who do not want to leave their beloved canines alone at home. We visited The Poodle Cafe on a weekday afternoon, which was pretty quiet except from the dog's barks for attention. The cafe has no entrance fee or minimum spend amount! 0127_PoodleCafe-02Decked in pink, one would easily mistake The Poodle Cafe for a Hello Kitty Cafe. Furnished with 9 tables across two levels, The Poodle Cafe can accommodate up to 35 guests. At our time of visit, The Poodle Cafe was renovating the staircase, likely due to dampness caused by the dogs' urine. As the stair steps were made of wood, the urine odor was exceptionally discernible while traversing the staircase. We certainly hope that the odor would be eliminated with the renovation of the staircase. 0127_PoodleCafe-05Patrons who visit with their pet pooch will be delighted with the doggy costumes. The Poodle Cafe has a number of costumes available for use during your pet's stay. Besides offering day care services, The Poodle Care also offers grooming services through a vendor, who will transport your dog to and fro The Poodle Cafe. In addition to the day care program's dogs, visiting dogs set the cafe abuzz with activity. 0127_PoodleCafe-13 The main courses offered at The Poodle Cafe are priced between S$16.90 to $17.90, while hot beverages cost between S$6.90 to $7.90. Besides the regular menu, the 'Furkids' menu caters to patrons' pets, or allows patrons to give a treat to the dogs under the cafe's day care program. It is not known if the cafe's staff restrict/control the number of snacks given to the dogs under their day care program. - Busybody R ThePoodleCafe The Poodle Cafe is located at 1G Yio Chu Kang Road and operates from 11am-9pm (10am-10pm from Friday-Sunday). Check out the other photos taken during our visit here:
0127_PoodleCafe-03 0127_PoodleCafe-04 0127_PoodleCafe-06 0127_PoodleCafe-07
0127_PoodleCafe-08 0127_PoodleCafe-09 0127_PoodleCafe10 0127_PoodleCafe-11
0127_PoodleCafe-12 0127_PoodleCafe-14 0127_PoodleCafe-15 0127_PoodleCafe-16

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