Order, Slurp, Grin, Repeat.

"To finish eating every last bit of your food", that's what 'kanshoku' means.   Tucked at a cosy corner of The Metropolis, Kanshoku Ramen is a locally-run 57-seater that specializes in hakata-style tonkotsu ramen. Motivated by the essence of 'kanshoku', owner Melvin Ang personally spent a few months learning the art of preparing his delicious ramen. Melvin personally oversees the crafting of his hakata-styled ramen, which is made fresh daily. 0512_Kanshoku_Ramen Kanshoku's signature Tonkotsu Ramen is flavorful, yet not overly salty, which sets it apart from the others. I fully appreciated how this delicate balance was met as it is easy to err on the side of being too salty, or to fall short and end up tasting bland. The fatty chashu is tender and melts in your mouth, bringing about a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. Fans of onsen eggs will love their Ajitama egg. Cooked to perfection, Kanshoku's Ajitama egg oozes delightfully upon the first bite. Besides the original Tonkotsu Ramen, Kanshoku offers a Black Garlic, Spicy, and Flaming Hot variation as well as the Shoyu Ramen. 0512_Kanshoku_hashPRINT Kanshoku Ramen is the first restaurant in Singapore offering BusybodySG's hashPRINT! service. Patrons who take a selfie at Kanshoku (and hashtag #KanshokuRamen) receive an instant photo print out with a nifty coupon! Free photos and discount coupons! Kanshoku Ramen has got to be the coolest ramen place in Singapore! We interview Melvin to find out more about him and the story behind Kanshoku Ramen!

Tell us more about yourself and how Kanshoku Ramen was conceptualized.

I'm Melvin, co-founder of Kanshoku Ramen. Previously I was with A Thousand Tales, a local F&B group, managing operations for several outlets in Singapore. It has always been my dream to own my own chain of restaurants. The idea of Kanshoku Ramen came about because I personally love ramen myself. After having tried almost all ramen stalls in Singapore, I set out to create my own recipe for the perfect bowl of ramen.

Being a ramen connoisseur yourself, what is Kanshoku's secret ingredient?

Kanshoku's specialty would be in its homemade broth. The broth is made fresh daily in our store. Boiled for 8 hours, the result is a milky rich broth that is filled with natural umami goodness. No preservatives or MSG is added.

That sounds healthy and wholesome! What do you enjoy about running Kanshoku?

It would be the customers. Meeting new customers, seeing them enjoying our ramen and hearing their praises for our food. We also have a group of regulars who visit us again and again, eventually becoming friends. It's is rewarding to know that people share our love for Kanshoku Ramen.

That is certainly satisfying! What do you hope to achieve in 3-5 years time?

Within the next year, we plan to open more stores in Singapore. We plan to also take the Kanshoku brand to the next level by bringing it to international markets. In future, we hope to create a multi-brand company involving various F&B concepts

We are excited to hear that! Lastly, what do you think of hashPRINT!?

hashPRINT! has enabled Kanshoku to reach out to more consumers through social media. It is an excellent platform to increase brand awareness as well as to boost sales. hashPRINT! has also given us an avenue to encourage customer interaction.

We wish Melvin all the best in his endeavors and may Kanshoku Ramen prosper! If you are a business owner and would like to find out more on having hashPRINT! at your retail shop, drop us an email at [email protected]! - Busybody R Kanshoku Ramen is located at 9 North Buona Vista Drive #01-18 The Metropolis Singapore 138588, and operates from 11am – 9pm on Mondays - Fridays.

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