Re-Introducing BusybodySG’s Services

Established in 2010, BusybodySG's Photo Booth service quickly became popular due to a variety of reasons. Studio-quality photography, haute couture design overlays, quirky props, lightning-fast photo prints, and a memorable brand name are among the list of reasons why BusybodySG is Singapore's preferred Instant Print service provider. From the classic Photo Booth service, BusybodySG now offers 5 unique instant print services to cater to different occasions. All of BusybodySG's Instant Print services come with unlimited instant prints (at 8.9 seconds/print) and a design overlay (more commonly known as a photo 'template' or watermark).

Photo Booth

PhotoBooth With over 15 different backdrops to choose from, paired with a fully customisable design overlay, you are sure to have a one-of-a-kind photo memento for your guests! Besides BusybodySG's wide collection of props, Wedding couples will receive a pair of customised props in their names, while corporate bookings will enjoy a complimentary pair of customised props designed to their specifications.
Wedding 141212B Wedding 141212A Wedding 141206B Wedding 141128B
Wedding 141128A Wedding 141116C Wedding 141115A Wedding 140912

Red Carpet

131218_RedCarpet The elegant sister of BusybodySG's Photo Booth service, conceived in 2012, was Singapore's first Red Carpet Instant Print service. Classy and glamorous, the Red Carpet service was a hit with couples and event organizers looking for a finishing touch of grandeur. BusybodySG's Red Carpet service allows your guests to stand out, literally, as it features a portrait orientation photograph! Props are available on request, though not recommended if you want to achieve the ambience of a red carpet event.
Red Carpet 150118 Red Carpet 141026 Red Carpet 140907 Red Carpet 140614
Red Carpet 140111 Red Carpet 140110 Red Carpet 131229 Red Carpet 131123


Not to be mistaken with Wedding Actual Day Photography, or Event Photography, BusybodySG's Roving service is the mobile version of the Photo Booth service. Instead of having your guests approach a stationary booth, our mobile (hence 'roving') photographer will approach your guests to pose for a photograph, which will be printed and made available to them promptly.
Roving 140111 Roving 141011 Roving 141115A Roving 141202

Table Shot

Perfect for an event memento, or a wedding favor, BusybodySG's Table Shot service has grown in popularity since its inception in late 2013. As the table photography segment is usually scheduled towards the end of a banquet, BusybodySG's Table Shot service deploys 2 high-speed industrial grade printers to ensure that your guests receive their prints before the end of the banquet. Each photo is accompanied with a sleek photo standee, which allows your guests to display their photos on their dresser or office table.
Table Shot 141115 Table Shot 141128 Table Shot 141212 Table Shot 150118


hashPRINT! Launched just a week ago, hashPRINT! is BusybodySG's latest innovation. Integrated with Instagram's platform, hashPRINT! is a self-automated instant print service which requires only a table space and a power outlet. This allows hashPRINT! to be deployed at venues with space constraints, or to have multiple devices deployed at a large-scale event. hashPRINT! is an extremely versatile service that is suitable for all events!
mrandmrsleewz Holyhiao tfdletsflamingle2014 RetrofideSG

Table of Comparison

Photo Booth Red Carpet Roving Table Shot hashPRINT!
Print Size 2R or 4R 4R 2R or 4R 4R 3R
Photo Orientation Landscape Portrait Landscape/Portrait Landscape Square
Backdrop 17 Choices* Customized X X X
Lighting Strobes Strobes Speedlite Speedlite Dependent on Phone
Props Provided Upon Request X X X
Photographer Stationary Stationary Mobile Mobile X
* Option to upgrade to a customized backdrop. The table of comparison above highlights the main differences between BusybodySG's services at a glance, which I hope you find helpful. For more information on BusybodySG's Instant Print services, please forward your enquiries to [email protected]. - Busybody R

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