Table Shot – Your Significant Wedding Favor


Move over, cheesy playing cards and pretty meaningless (pun intended) chopsticks! What can possibly be more personalized than a wedding favor that features you and your guests? That's right, BusybodySG's Table Shot Wedding Favor service is taking Singapore by storm!

Your wedding banquet's table-to-table photographs are traditionally taken by your wedding photographer. The digital images are then returned to you in 4-6 weeks' time, when the hype of your wedding has all but died down. Wouldn't it be fab if your guests could receive an instant print with a beautiful design by the end of your banquet? BusybodySG can certainly make that happen on your big day!

Concerned with keeping your wedding costs low? We can help you with that, quite literally! If you are taking up the Actual Day photography as part of your package signed with the bridal boutique, it is likely that you got the Actual Day photography service at a 'steal'. Or so you thought.

Bridal boutiques typically offer Actual Day photography service for less than $1,000, which sounds really affordable. What they might not tell you is that their package includes between 6 to 8 hours of service. Your morning segment is likely to take up 6-8 hours, while the evening banquet typically lasts for 5 hours. Each 'over-time' hour is chargeable at $100-150/hr - that's how the freelance photographers who work with bridal boutiques earn their living, really.


When you engage BusybodySG's Table Shot Wedding Favor service, you can dismiss the actual day photographer right after your champagne toasting and cut down on the 'overtime' charges. Some of our past clients decided to forgo having the photographer for the banquet, preferring to engage our Table Shot Wedding Favor (and videography) services instead. Our Table Shot service includes a sleek black photo standee, which your guests can use to mount their photos on. Neat, isn't it?

Besides guaranteeing an extremely efficient service, BusybodySG also offers the instant uploading of the photos online. Your guests will be able to download their photos by accessing a URL link or by scanning the QR code which is printed on a label at the back of the standee. Instant prints + instant gratification!


Besides being available in 4R size, our card-sized prints are a popular pick too! The card-sized prints come with an instructional strip, which some of your guests may strangely derive pleasure from snapping them off. Well, at least I did!

Instead of giving random paraphernalia as your wedding favor, why not give the gift of a beautiful memory?

- Busybody R

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