Wedding Banquets set to cost more… Again?

While Singapore is undoubtedly one of the safest cities to live it, it is also among the most expensive as well. The Julius Bär Lifestyle index (2015) has put Singapore as the region's sixth most expensive place to get married in. Wedding 130316new5 On average, wedding banquet rates increase between 5-10% on an annual basis. While this may not seem to match Singapore's inflation rate (and likely your wage increment as well!), it all but makes sense from a business perspective as operating costs are ever-increasing. Besides the 'What Can We Do' approach, what can couples really do? Bo bian la, correct? Not true! In recent years, many couples have adopted a non-traditional approach, choosing to hold their weddings at alternative venues such as small (cozier) restaurants or entertainment venues (like iFly Singapore and Alive Museum). If couples are willing to compromise on the size of their guest list (as these venues usually cater to smaller crowds), many more options become available! In addition, couples may also book their venues/services up to a year in advance to lock in the existing rates! Although many businesses are 'forced' increase their pricing to keep up with rising costs of operations, there are alternatives to combat rising costs. For one, BusybodySG continually looks into optimizing operational procedures to eliminate unnecessary costs (which will eventually be passed on to clients). That is the reason why BusybodySG has not increased its rates in the past 3 years =) - Busybody R

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